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IDC Indonesia

Established over 13 years ago, we have established ourselves as the home and meeting point of all telecom and internet connections as well as home to all content providers – local and international – as more than 99% of Indonesian Internet traffic passes through our facility. For the smoothest and fastest access to any operator or internet provider, there’s no better place than IDC Indonesia.

IDC Indonesia presence is now spanned from west to east of Indonesia, ofcourse digitally interconnected. Batam Facility is there to serve the needs of sumatra region while also acting as the gateway facillity to Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

The two Jakarta Facilities serve the needs for Jakarta and surrounding area, specially built for conviniency of those who wants to place their equipments nearby their centre of businesses in Jakarta. The Bandung, Solo and Makassar facilities consecutively serve the needs for West Java, East Java and East of Indonesia.

All facilities are built, equipped and operated with the same high international standard.

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